Anti counterfeiting certification

Anti counterfeiting certification

Access to anti-counterfeiting code

The outer package of each product is pasted with the anti-counterfeiting label as shown in the following figure. After the coating is scraped off, the anti-counterfeiting code and scanning two-dimensional code can be seen.

How to use anti-counterfeiting code

Directly scan QR code or follow official wechat, log in On the query page, enter the anti-counterfeiting code to query the authenticity.

Reply prompt and information description

Reply message:
The security code you inquired about isxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello, you are inquiring about the health and environmental protection grade plates produced by "ouzhibao" series. Please feel free to use them. Thank you for your inquiry.
Hello, the anti-counterfeiting code (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) you inquired has been inquired for x times. The first inquiry time is: 202x XX XX XX at xx:xx:xx seconds. If you are not inquiring for the first time, please beware of counterfeiting!
After system verification, the anti-counterfeiting code (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) you inquired does not exist. Please verify and try again. Thank you for your inquiry!
Information description
The anti-counterfeiting query function of QR code and official wechat provides data records of anti-counterfeiting digital authenticity query and feedback query. In order to prevent counterfeiting, the anti-counterfeiting code can only be effectively queried once. If the time of your first query does not match the above time, please be careful that this product is a counterfeit product.
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    Official procedure inquiry

    Can log in inquiry

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    QR code query

    Use the QR code scanning method to scan the QR code on the label identification to verify the authenticity of the goods (it needs to open the data network or WiFi environment)

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    Wechat query

    Search the official account huaxinwood, click the anti-counterfeiting query at the bottom right, and enter the anti-counterfeiting code on the page to verify the authenticity of the product