Product introduction

Solid wood veneer

Core board material: Poplar / Eucalyptus / poplar Eucalyptus mixed core

Dough material: birch, pine, peach blossom core and other dough

Glue: E0 grade phenolic glue, E0 grade urea formaldehyde glue

Size: (conventional size) 1220 * 2440mm, or customized according to customer requirements

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Product introduction

Solid wood veneer

1. The veneer is made of solid wood, and the product has good workmanship and aesthetics

2. The product does not open layers, does not blister, has strong gluing force, load-bearing force and nail holding force, and its internal quality is reliable and durable

3. EO glue, green, healthy and environmental protection, is an ideal material for all kinds of home decoration and tooling

4. The products have passed China CFCC certification, American carb certification and EU FSC certification, and have complete export and domestic sales qualifications