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On the Lantern Festival, Huaxin Jiasheng sends you four "yuan"


Today is the Lantern Festival and the first full moon night of the Year of the Rabbit. The moon is full in the sky and the world is reunited. Tonight's night reading will give you four "circles". Huaxin Jiasheng Wood wishes you a full and happy new year.
1. Family reunion
Today's Lantern Festival, no matter how busy, remember to go home early; Farther away, don't forget to make a phone call to wish the family reunion and family health in the new year.
2. A bowl of dumplings,
Eat a bowl of sweet dumplings, and wish everything you have experienced to be the courage to start again

3. Round and full
On the Lantern Festival, I wish you every success. All your efforts over the years will have good returns: all your actions will live up to your original aspiration.
4. Full moon
On the Lantern Festival, the lanterns all over the street and the full moon complement each other. It is the night of the full moon. May you share every bit of life with your loved ones, keep the beauty and love. May you communicate more, understand each other and support each other in the new year. May you be happy and love each other until old.
On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, please accept your blessings. May everything be well and well with you.