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Precautions for transportation of fireproof and flame retardant board


Fire retardant board is a product widely recognized and selected by people. It occupies a very important position in the building materials market. Many people will choose to buy it. Then how to transport it after purchase and what should be paid attention to? The manufacturer of fireproof and flame retardant board provides you with the following introduction.
1、 When transporting plates, the transport vehicle shall be cleaned first, so as to prevent the stains on the vehicle from polluting the plates and affecting the beauty of the plates.

 2、 When loading the plate, pay attention to handle it gently to avoid the collision between the fireproof and flame retardant plate and hard objects, resulting in product damage.
3、 In order to prevent the product from being exposed to the sun and rain, it is necessary to cover it with canvas or plastic cloth during transportation, so as to ensure that the overall quality of the product will not be affected.

 The above are the relevant precautions provided by the manufacturer of fireproof and flame retardant board for you. We must pay more attention to its transportation.