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What should be paid attention to when storing flame retardant boards


  Flame retardant board is favored by many people because of its durability, moisture resistance and high temperature resistance. Therefore, reasonable storage of plates is very important, but what should be paid attention to in daily storage? The manufacturer of flame retardant board provides you with the following relevant introduction.


  1、 Do not place the flame retardant board in a place that can be exposed to direct sunlight, because this will make the moisture content of the flame retardant board too low, resulting in cracking of the board.
2、 Ensure that the storage place is flat and avoid plate deformation due to long storage time.
3、 Put it in a ventilated and dry place to ensure that the environment of the storage place will not be too wet and avoid mildew due to excessive moisture absorption.
4、 In the process of transportation, double-layer packaging is adopted to avoid the damage of plates during transportation and affect the use effect of flame retardant plates


  The above is the requirements for the storage environment of flame-retardant board provided by the manufacturer of flame-retardant board. I hope it can help you and avoid the influence of external factors on the flame-retardant board.