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Quality identification method of fireproof decorative board


  Check the overall quality of the product, which can be identified from the surface, structure and smell. The manufacturer of fireproof decorative board will explain it below.

 1、 Structure
Because there are more and more manufacturers engaged in this industry, with different development, there is a watershed in the processing technology, so the identification of product quality can start from the structure to see whether there are defects in the corners, or whether there are problems such as bulging and carbonization. In addition, if there are measuring tools at hand, you can check whether the overall thickness is uniform, The more uniform, the better the treatment process.


  2、 Smell
You can smell the product smell. If the taste is pungent and unpleasant, it indicates that the process treatment of the product is poor. In order to avoid affecting the indoor air quality, you should avoid such products when buying.
The above is the quality identification method shared by the manufacturer of fireproof decorative board. I hope it can help you.