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How to maintain the fireproof decorative board


 In today's plate market, more and more consumers choose to buy and use fireproof decorative board. It not only has the characteristics of green environmental protection, but also is particularly strong and durable, which is highly praised by the public. However, if you want to maintain the use effect for a long time, regular maintenance and maintenance can never be ignored, so how to maintain it? The manufacturer of fireproof decorative board provides you with the following methods.


  1、 Regularly cleaning the stains on the fire-proof decorative board is an important measure to maintain the beauty of the fire-proof decorative board. However, when cleaning, pay attention to wiping with soft cotton cloth with moderate strength, and do not use brute force, so as not to scratch the product surface and affect the overall beauty of the product.
2、 Since the main component structure of the fireproof decorative board is wood, it is best to place it in a warehouse with ceiling and good ventilation to avoid moisture.
The above is the maintenance method provided by the manufacturer of fireproof decorative board for your reference. At the same time, I hope you can know more about it.