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Factors affecting the drying of fireproof and flame retardant board and steam drying treatment


The high-speed air flow can destroy the saturated vapor layer on the wood surface, so as to improve the heat and mass transfer conditions between the medium and wood, so as to speed up the drying speed. Humidity is an important factor affecting the drying speed of wood. The higher the relative humidity, the less water on the wood surface will evaporate into the medium, and the slower the drying speed will be. If the temperature is too high, it will cause wood cracking and deformation, reduce mechanical strength and discoloration.


  When drying for the first time, steam drying is mainly used. Its main principle is to add a certain liquid medicine and dry it with steam from outside to inside. The cycle is generally 30-40 days. Its main function is to use liquid medicine to kill insects and degrease.


  When drying moisture, the original internal stress of wood will be destroyed, and the moisture content of wood will reach about 12%. Therefore, its drying is not complete, because steam drying is drying from outside to inside. Whether the drying is in place is also the key to determine the service life of wooden home decoration. After drying the furniture board, it should be kept in the warehouse for 3-4 months to adapt it to the temperature and humidity of the external environment