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oshibao | In every breeze, there is a dream of autumn hidden


Chushu, this is a special moment, marking our official farewell to the hot summer and ushering in the cool autumn breeze. Chushu, like a kind mother, gently awakens us and allows us to feel the changes of seasons and weather. Under her call, we knew it was time to rediscover new colors in life and explore the charm of this world.

Chushu bid farewell to the sweaty days and embarked on a refreshing and pleasant autumn journey. The scorching heat of summer has passed, and now we can enjoy the tranquility and comfort under the gentle breeze. Chushu, she is like a beautiful poem, allowing us to feel the beauty of life in her rhythm.
Chushu, let's cherish this transitional season, let's seize this special moment, welcome the new chapter of autumn, and welcome the new hopes and challenges in life. In the solar term of summer, we see the beauty of life and feel the changes of seasons. We know how to cherish, appreciate, and create and welcome every beautiful moment in life.